Welcome to Liverpool Mr President…….


Above is the Great Hunger (An Gorta Mor) Memorial in the grounds of St Lukes Church, Liverpool. Erected by the Liverpool Great Hunger Commemoration Committee in 1997 to mark the 150th anniversary of Ireland’s very own holocaust, the monument stands as a testament to the often barbaric involvement of Britain in Ireland through the centuries and man’s inhumanity toward his fellow human beings.

Next Wednesday  Ireland’s new President, Michael D Higgins will pay his own tribute to the victims of the Great Hunger when he lays a wreath together with Liverpool’s Mayor, Joe Anderson, in memory of the one million that died and our very own ancestors who survived the man-made disaster, who made their homes in Liverpool and who have contributed hugely to the development of this city since. Hope to see you there and the details are as follows:

The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, will be visiting the Memorial to the Great Hunger to lay a wreath in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

Date: Wednesday 21 November 2012

Time: 3.40pm

Location: St Luke’s Gardens (churchyard of the “Bombed-out Church”), Leece St, Liverpool

You are very welcome to attend this special occasion.


The real face of Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange Order Nazi friends….

Came across this on Twitter this evening. This is the facebook page of fascist paramilitary group, North West Infidels, who are organising next months demo against the ‘IRA’ on Saturday 3rd November at Liverpool Town Hall, along with their fascist friends in Combined Ex-Forces and National Front etc..


The demo of course, is another example of fascists and racists cementing links with their allies in Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange community, who will also be out in force for the demo. Of course, what everyone else knows in Liverpool Civic Society is that this so called demo is another attempt to drive the Irish community off the streets of Liverpool and establish Orange/fascists supremacy again across Liverpool and allow fascists/loyalists to decide who can and who cannot march in this city.

In recent weeks, several Orange Order members have tried to convince me through this blog that they are not racists etc…so I ask them this, why make links with the far right and paramilitary fascist groups and stand side by side with them attacking the Irish community?? Having seen this racist post on Facebook from one one of their allies, what will the response of Loyalists/orange order members be?

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