Burning the Irish Tricolour flag. Liverpool Orange Order members reach new low…

Members of the Orange Order in Liverpool reached a new low when they burned the Irish Tricolour flag on the grounds of the Provincial Orange Hall on Everton Road last weekend. This was preceded by a march by the Apprentice Boys of Derry through Liverpool city centre earlier……


8 Responses to Burning the Irish Tricolour flag. Liverpool Orange Order members reach new low…

  1. Elaine Bruce says:

    Disgusted by this. Expected better than this in this day & age. Shame on you. If you dont like Ireland get out & stay out instead of offending the Irish. Im Irish & proud & people like those that burnt the flag should grow up. Your offensive & i expected better from people in liverpool.

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  3. Sm says:

    Im completely horrified and appalled by this behaviour, I’m also disgusted that this was allowed to proceed. What century are these uneducated fools living in? Amazing how this is not being broadcasted on main stream media. Absolute imbeciles, scum bags. They’re not welcome as citizens of the UK. Guaranteed uneducated social welfare swingers , piss off to van diemens land. Waste of space.

  4. mrjohnmadden@yahoo.com says:

    Watching this from the USA, heard about it on the news over here. Does’nt say much about Liverpool, I think I will cross that out of my vacation plans to the UK.

  5. Alice Nolan says:

    Disgusting, talk about hate in your heart. And they blame the IRA for keeping bad feeling going.

  6. Alice Nolan says:

    James Connolly, Patrick Pearse and Michael Collins must be laughing their heads off out through the Pearly Gates at those idiots!! Because no matter how many Tricolours they try to burn, it will ALWAYS fly over the GPO in Dublin. Those great guys fought and died for what they believed in and won! So get back in your prams, you little fools, throw away your box of matches, and play with some ‘oranges’ instead!. ‘Cause that’s as far as you will get! You’re proving nothing!

    • Elaine Bruce says:

      Totally agree Alice. In this day & age their kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Love the bit about box of matches & playing with oranges πŸ˜‰

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