Ten things Loyalists and fascists in Liverpool believe about the Irish….

1. Every Irish pub in Liverpool is a hot bed of ‘fenian’ activity and are IRA pubs and raising funds for the IRA…

2. During world war 2, the Irish government deliberately kept the lights of Dublin on at night in order to assist the Luftwaffe target Liverpool more easily..must have been because of the IRA in the Irish goverment at the time…

3. Every Irish march and parade in Liverpool somehow shows support for IRA…which IRA I really dont know. Flute bands named after dead republicans of any era or century show that the parade is an IRA parade……

4. The Irish tri-colour is the flag of the IRA, as is the Starry Plough and Fenian Sunburst..they’re IRA flags too…

5. When complaining to the media, Mayor or Police about Irish parades,  loyalists and fascists will highlight their own ‘Irish heritage’ in an attempt to sound reasonable…much like “I’m not racist but…”…..but they are not in the IRA i have you know….

6. The Irish are not a race or black so they dont suffer racism…much like the IRA i suppose?

7. We have no problem with Irish cultural parades, as long as we can dictate what Irish people in Liverpool can and cannot commemorate..and as long as its not the IRA but leprechauns and shamrocks…

8. St Patricks Day parades are inherrently republican and as such, support the IRA. In fact in loyalist/fascist thinking merely being republican or nationalist minded is a crime and means you are in the IRA…

9. Loyalists/fascists puposefully ignore the history of the Irish in Liverpool….cause its IRA history, end of…

10. Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, supports the IRA…i kid you not….


IRA supporter Queen Elizabeth II, laying a wreath in Dublin 2010 in honour of the IRA volunteers of the Irish War of Independence...which include Vol. Sean Phelan of Kirkdale...


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