Nazi’s failed Nuremberg-esque protest in Liverpool against the Irish community….


Last night, I along with other members of the Irish community, antifascists, trade unionists and ordinary members of Liverpool’s public challenged the Nazi fascist group, North West Infidels in their so-called protest against IRA marches in Liverpool and more  bizarrely the Mayor of Liverpool’s (Joe Anderson) support for such marches??. The protest by the  20 or so diehards from the NWI and some local loyalists proved to be a bit of a damp squib. There was no ‘national’ mobilization and from NWI’s facebook page which promised something akin to a candle lit Nuremberg rally, the racists were more than outnumbered 3:1 and their protest lasted 45 mins before  Merseyside Police shepherded them down to the back of Water Street.


As explained throughout this blog, fascists, racists and Nazi’s from the North West Infidels, Combined Ex-Forces, National Front and Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange community are determined to drive the Irish community off the streets of Liverpool and this was another attempt at such by cloaking the protest against the ‘IRA’ but the reality being  once they manage to clear the Irish off the streets it wont be long before other communities, trade unionists and progressive organisations are targeted thereafter. That’s why it was so important that the Nazi’s were faced down last night, outnumbered and sent packing with their tails between their legs and will continue to be challenged in this way.


It also must be noted that last week, two fascists who were arrested in Liverpool during the Cairde Na hEireann International Brigades Commemoration appeared in Liverpool Magistrates Court and were fined £300+ for public order offences. One of them, Mike Mossley is a member of the fascist paramilitary group Combined Ex-Forces and turned up that day in full British military fatigues. But I like to remember Mike in the pictures below, first as Nick Griffin’s best mate and secondly, proudly being the Nazi that he really is…..I know what your thinking, you simply couldn’t make this stuff up….


6 Responses to Nazi’s failed Nuremberg-esque protest in Liverpool against the Irish community….

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  2. Councillor robert brennan says:

    Unbelievable, but then its not, ‘No Pasaran’

  3. Mike Lloyd says:

    And the second nazi fined was local Orange Lodge supporter Phil “Knuckle-Dragger” Brunt, who takes offence at Irish Republicans marching through Liverpool but has no problem supporting sectarian murder gangs, as well as actively supporting the racist Friends of Jeremy Kyle. As previously mentioned, the Liverpool Orange Lodge provides fertile ground for these fascist groups – it is not hard to convince a religious bigot to become a racist as well – they already have the intellectually-lacking profile required. We will soon have a Liverpool chapter of the KKK based in the Derry Club!

    • STACEY HALL says:

      “I’m not racist but…….you gotta laugh! Read on….Liverpool Irish Blogger….”

      Why make us all out to be racist? I’m not, nor homophobic! Just don’t want IRA walking our streets! You all go on, give Ireland back to the Irish, well all piss off then and leave England!! Funny that you all love Ireland but all live here in Liverpool! All fuck off back home!!

      • Mike Lloyd says:

        Stacey love, you can’t say you are not racist then follow it up with that bigoted rant!

        A couple of things to clear up though:
        1) The IRA were not marching through Liverpool. It was Irish people commemorating those who fought in the Spanish Civil War. The same way as when there is an Orange march it would be incorrect to describe it as a “UVF march”.
        2) It is not illegal to be an Irish Republican. You may not agree with their desire for a united Ireland but that is the great thing about democracy.
        3) I am a scouser and have as much right to be here as anyone else. The fact that I have Irish heritage is something I am proud of. I also love the fact the so many different cultures form part of this great city. It is actually racist to suggest anyone else should have to leave because of their cultural or ethnic background.

        When you say “us” which group are you the spokesperson for? They are blessed to have such a good PR person.

  4. john mac (liverpool) says:

    im of scottish ancestory born in liverpool of both catholic and protestant parentage and i fully support the uniting of the island of ireland . i dont make distinctions between catholic or protestant i dont carry the burden of religious intolerance and i only wish the two communities to shake off the shackles of sectarianism and religious bigotory and look at the bigger picture and unite for a united irish socialist free state as supporting the status quo keeps all the people of the north of ireland in the establishments pockets. it is in the british establishments interest to keep bigotory alive and well and they find willing servants inside the orange order and its such a shame because christianity is at the core of the orange order and yet they allow themselves to be willing bedfellows and to be courted by fascists and openly support them at the expense of catholics of their own class .

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