The real face of Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange Order Nazi friends….

Came across this on Twitter this evening. This is the facebook page of fascist paramilitary group, North West Infidels, who are organising next months demo against the ‘IRA’ on Saturday 3rd November at Liverpool Town Hall, along with their fascist friends in Combined Ex-Forces and National Front etc..


The demo of course, is another example of fascists and racists cementing links with their allies in Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange community, who will also be out in force for the demo. Of course, what everyone else knows in Liverpool Civic Society is that this so called demo is another attempt to drive the Irish community off the streets of Liverpool and establish Orange/fascists supremacy again across Liverpool and allow fascists/loyalists to decide who can and who cannot march in this city.

In recent weeks, several Orange Order members have tried to convince me through this blog that they are not racists etc…so I ask them this, why make links with the far right and paramilitary fascist groups and stand side by side with them attacking the Irish community?? Having seen this racist post on Facebook from one one of their allies, what will the response of Loyalists/orange order members be?


5 Responses to The real face of Liverpool’s Loyalist/Orange Order Nazi friends….

  1. Patrick says:

    You’ve only got to go on facebook and see how many members of loyalist flute bands are also following the pages of nazi groups like CXF, NWI etc. And how many of them make disgusting racist comments on those pages. They can try and distant themselves as much as they want but it wont work; they cant hide the fact that they all have the same fascist anti-Irish agenda. Thats why the mayor, the local media, the council and police continue to ignore them and will never give into their demands; because they can see them for what they really are, a bunch of far right fascists. The Orange have aligned themselves with the far right and these are the same Orangemen who will be walking around with Poppies on this week. Hypocrits and fascists the lot of them. Hence, why everyone ignores them and why the Irish community will never be stopped from parading.

  2. Sadly,I’m not surprised by this its outrageous in this day and age age that people can get away with vile comments like this!

  3. Sean says:

    The thing that gets me is their double standards,the CxF for instance,here we a have a group of ex soldiers who chant no surrender and sing UVF songs.Did the UVF not kill British Soldiers during the troubles in the North of Ireland??..Its clear this is anti Irish sentiment and not just an attack on the Republican movement

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