Lovely heartfelt speech regarding the Ballymurphy massacre heard last weekend……

My name is Eileen McKeown – daughter of Joseph Corr murdered by the British parachute regiment Aug 11th 1971. My daddy was murdered along with 10 other innocent neighbours from this area, over a 3 day period 9th – 11th August. They are Frank Quinn, Fr Hugh Mullan, Noel Phillips, Danny Teggart, Joseph Murphy, Joan Connolly, John Laverty, Eddie Doherty, Paddy McCarty & John McKerr. Eleven Irish Citizens slaughtered on Irish soil by foreign troops. Many of them slaughtered in sight and sound of their own houses where their loving families waited on them coming home. Our loved ones came home to their families in their coffins. They were prevented from the joy of seeing their children and their grandchildren growing up in life, and they in turn becoming parents Unlike those soldiers that carried out the slaughter, who went home to their families and lived their lives to the full. We also remember all those who have died or suffered as a result of the conflict in Ireland. Especially those 400 plus families who’s loved ones were killed as a direct result of the action of the forces of the British State. Recently, we received a message from a man called Owen Patterson, telling us that “HE, HAS DECIDED THAT AN INDEPENDENT PUBLIC ENQUIRY WOULD NOT BE HELD INTO THE SLAUGHTER OF OUR LOVED ONES – BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT BE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST”

For Owen Patterson’s information lets put the Ballymurphy Massacre into context. If the same thing had happened in his home town of Whitchurch in England – immediately it would have been a murder enquiry. There would have been calls for no stones to be left unturned. The British Goverment would have had no hesitation in launching a public enquiry with unlimited resources dedicated immediately from day one. How dare Owen Patterson treat the killing of my father as less important as someone killed in Britain, how dare he treat me, my friends and my neighbours, how dare he treat us as if we were sub human, not worthy of consideration? How dare he treat the death of anyone in Ireland in this fashion. How dare he? How dare he?
Owen Patterson is nothing but a message boy. So he can take this message back to the organ grinder David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. David, a chara, you have a golden opportunity now to address the legacy of the actions of British forces in Ireland. You have a golden opportunity to start to heal the wounds and the divisions caused by the British in Ireland. You have the a golden opportunity to address the hunt suffered by the families of Springhill, New Lodge 6, Daniel Hegarty, Loughlinisland, Kelly’s Bar, campaigns and by many families the length and breath of Ireland some of who are here today. We know only too well the dark forces that surround and threaten you. Do not be afraid. Take courage into your own hands. take the first step and just say ‘sorry, we were wrong we acknowledge your hurt’ We know this will not be easy. We know that from your limited and very poor boxing experience, that you might choose to duck and to dive, you may weave and you may bob but someday you and the people you represent will run out of room. Us Irish, sure we have long memories.

I am one of 57 children who lost a parent over them three days in August when 600 members of the parachute regiment carried out these atrocities. If i am not there the day that you and those you represent run out of room, my children, my children’s children, and aye if need be, my children’s children’s children will be there to see you and those you represent cornered with nowhere left to run. Remember the Irish have long memories.

Free the Truth.


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