The Sash, Liffey Bar & Taigs……

This video from 2008 shows the march through Liverpool of the Apprentice Boys Of Derry. It happens every June and involves Loyalist flute bands from Liverpool, Scotland and Ireland.

The route of the march passes through Renshaw Street were there are a number of Irish pubs. For some reason, the ABOD and their supporters have consistantly targeted the Liffey Bar every year and it has now become customary for bands passing by the pub to loudly play the Sash My Father Wore and for their supporters to literally foam at the mouth, behave like total bigots, gesturing and jumping up and down while singing the words to the Sash..

This is as bad a case of blatant sectarianism as your likely to see and as always, aimed at an Irish pub and its customers…something needs to be done…..

More links of the ABOD & The Liffey:


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