Stop the IRA March….yawn……

<a href=”” title=”Stop the IRA March….yawn……”>Stop the IRA March….yawn……

I like this video, as it shows the grit and determination of Loyalists and Fascists as they attempt to ‘stop the IRA march’ and really show that Dunkirk spirit……..but hey… didn’t really take Merseyside Police more than a few minutes to remove them did it?? No real determination on their part at all at ‘civil disobedience’ as far as I can see and that’s because it was mere tokenism at best. The Fascists and Loyalist had called for a national mobilisation again the IRA….or in reality the James Larkin March against Racism & Fascism.

Yep, Fascists and Loyalists actually did feel it right to turn up at a march against racism and fascism to then hurl racist and sectarian abuse at members of the Irish community on the day and then to boast widely across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube that they actually stopped the march ?? (wrong, cos the march reached its destination in the city centre), defeated the IRA?? (the IRA were not there to defeat) and that they rule the waves, as was sung at the march as it wound its way to Liverpool City Centre (there were no waves to rule anywhere as far as I could see).

So I say thank you to Fascists and Loyalists for these video’s. They put a smile on my face always and remind me that organising against Fascists, Racists and Loyalists is right and that Liverpool should be free from these people in future and the sooner the better for all concerned….


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