Orange/loyalist community ally themselves with Far Right Fascists in Liverpool…

In all of the publicity since the James Larkin March in Liverpool of the 21st July that was the target of the Far Right, one important aspect to the day has rarely been mentioned i.e. the role played by Liverpool Orange Order members and Loyalists from Liverpool flute bands in the racial abuse of Irish community members during the march itself.

On the day at the assembly point on Park Road, a small but significant presence of fascists had gathered to attempt to stop the march. As usual, this group was made up of Combined ExForces, Infidels of Britain, Liverpool EDL, National Front and others. However, numbers were greatly swelled by the presence of Orange/Loyalist community members, from the very young to the very old, to the extent that they were very much the majority set against stopping the march against fascism and racism from reaching Liverpool City Centre.

It was very clear from anyone who was on the march itself that the amount of anti-Irish racism and sectarian chanting, name calling and singing came from that group on a constant basis as the march made its way to the city centre. For this, the Orange/Loyalist community should be utterly ashamed of themselves for they at that point allied themselves to the racists and fascists who had orchestrated the protesr to supposedly oppose the ‘IRA’.

I always knew that there still ran deep in Liverpool a hatred of anything Irish from the Orange/Loyalist community and I kid you not that beliefs such as public lighting been left on in Dublin, due to Ireland’s neutrality during World War 2 so that Liverpool could be bombed by German aircraft are still expressed!! Anyone involved in Irish community street based activity for the past 20yrs will testify to regularly been on the receiving end of some level of anti-Irish abuse when marching through Liverpool.

For the Orange/Loyalist community in Liverpool, any member of the Irish community holding any form of nationalist or republican beliefs are inevitably seen as ‘IRA’ despite the fact that the IRA have been on ceasefire since 1997 and disarmed from 2005 onwards; Unionists/Loyalists work with Irish republicans on a daily basis to govern the 6 Counties and Queen Elisabeth herself laid a wreath in honour of the IRA volunteers who fought for Irish freedom between 1916-1921. In essence, any form or expession in the belief of a united Ireland by members of the Irish community is seen as being ‘unbritish’ and certainly ‘disloyal’ to say the least.

So the framing of the James Larkin Trade Union march against fascism and racism as an ‘IRA’ march was a very clever approach by fascists and racists to stir up those deep feelings of anti-Irishness that always exists within Orangeism and Loyalism in Liverpool. However, in this case, it is now clear to be seen that the Orange/Loyalist community in Liverpool have been found out to be natural bedfellows for the racists and fascists of Combined ExForces, Infidels of Britain, Liverpool EDL, National Front etc etc and they will now be remembered for such. All of their hatred and bile has been exposed across the world through the Irish media and for the civic leaders of this great city of Liverpool they are seen as very much an embarrasment and are now the unwanted…..



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